Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Avril Lavigne have all professed their immense love for Hello Kitty. But their love for Hello Kitty may be more than meets the eye.

I'm sure all of these women do actually think Hello Kitty is cute; I'm not saying they don't. But to have so many international pop stars be all over Kitty, it's only natural to wonder why. All of these artists tour in Japan and sell a lot of CDs. The Japanese music industry's revenue last year was estimated to be the equivalent of 4.5 billion dollars. For a country whose population is only 40% that of the United States, that's a lot of money going around. Since CDs cost about 3000 yen(roughly 30 dollars), and with stringent laws pertaining to piracy and illegal downloading, the Japanese market is like a gold mine.

So basically, love Hello Kitty, and show that you love her, and your popularity in Japan will skyrocket. Show up at Narita International Airport wearing Hello Kitty on your clothes, and you'll gain some fans. Not taking away from any of these hard working women or their fans, I'm just saying...

And thanks to the love, Sanrio, parent company of Hello Kitty, is doing great in a poor economy from trademarking and licensing Hello Kitty all over the world. So it's a win win for everybody.

Business is business.

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