They say a classic is a classic, and that’s why we're opening our vaults to bring one of the best Argentinean novelas ever produced: Wild Doll (Muñeca Brava).

Wild Doll tells the story of Milagros and Ivo, two youngsters who fall in love with each other despite the odds against them. Sounds typical? Not so fast.

Milagros was brought up in an orphanage playing soccer with other boys. Most of the time, she behaves and dresses like a boy – a feature that gets her confused as a guy, even by the man who would soon fall in love with her.

She has no idea who her father is and has spent all her years despising him for abandoning her before birth.

After turning 18, Milagros is kicked out of the orphanage and ends up becoming a house servant at the Di Carlo mansion. Here she meets new friends, people who treat her as family; she also gains new foes that hate her for her tactless and feisty character.

In the same mansion, Milagros reconnects with the love of her life, Ivo Di Carlo, the handsome heir of the Di Carlo fortune. It's a love-hate relationship, decorated with funny antics they play on each other, and passion of their true love.
Ivo Di Carlo is a playboy, immature, and boastful. He has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Milagros, on the other hand, is playful, religious, and has a strong character. Their relationship will have to survive many challenges, including issues that root from their parents' deceptive acts, secret love affairs, and ambition.
Not to mention, there will be several girls that will come between Ivo and Milagros, making things even more complicated.

Find out how it all evolves in this amazing classic. Click here to watch now.