China's smog-filled cities and air pollution problems are well known. Some of the unusual solutions have ranged from the elites buying bottled air from Canada's national park and the English countryside to even considering smog-killing drones. Here is a public service ad from WildAid China to remind what individuals can do to fight air pollution by first calling attention to a bizarre possibility.

The WildAid China ad starts by humorously suggesting that people may have to adapt by growing long nose hair to filter out the smog-filled air. Some people actually sport very long nose hair that can function for other uses as well.

At the end of the ad, WildAid China suggests individuals can make a difference instead of waiting for the government and other organizations to institute changes. For instance, they can ride a bicycle instead of driving a car to reduce carbon emission. Bicycles used to be the main means of transportation used by Chinese residents before China became the manufacturing center for the world during the last few decades.


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