SPOILER: Taiwanese romantic drama Fall In Love With Me gave fans a shocker in episode 19. Lu Tian Xing (Aaron Yan) actually married the obsessed Huan Huan instead of his true love Tao Le Si (Tia Li)--to much consternation and disappointment. So how will we get to a happy ending? It seems that Lu Tian Xing has a plan, but will that plan work out for him? What do you think? What does Aaron say?

Before episode 20 was to be aired in Taiwan, Aaron Yan said that it will be a "happy ending," but only after some surprising twists and turns in the unfolding of the final episode. Let's hope the way to the happy ending isn't paved with too many thorns because my heart bled for him and Tia Li after that heart-breaking wedding scene in episode 19.

In the meantime, let's walk down memory lane and review Aaron and Tia's winding road to everlasting love. (The most enchanting part of this drama has been how Aaron woos Tia through his two personas.)

When they first met, it was "disgust at first sight" with a bonus shower scene.

Then the sunny, gentle Xiao Lu befriended Tao Le Si by accident.

Tao Le Si fell for Xiao Lu, but did not like Lu Tian Xing, who fell for her too.

Lu Tian Xing made Xiao Lu go away, but Tao Le Si only loved Xiao Lu.

Tao Le Si cried her heart out and would not be swayed by Lu Tian Xing.

Lu Tian Xing made a difficult decision and Xiao Lu returned.

But soon Tao Le Si found the truth about Xiao Lu.

The two lovers finally reconciled, but it wasn't the happy ending yet.

As Tian Xing was forced to marry Huan Huan, the lovers went camping for a last date.

Sadness at the "end of the world" wedding. (I refuse to put the happy bride's photo here.)

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So what happens next?

Can we clone another Xiao Lu? Too bad this is not a sci-fi romance.

While filming the show, Aaron and Ti were pretty 'close' with each other off the screen. Were they staying in character full time?

This is how they looked while watching the campfire kiss with 500 lucky fans in a special viewing.

This is their strawberry stick kiss.

And here's their kiss at the filming completion party. Later Aaron said he drank too much.

(Photo credit: setnews.net)

Aaron also said that he did not realize the drama would change him so much. He likes how sunny and positive Xiao Lu is in the show. He's had a new reflection on life and will go forward as a changed person. Well, let's hope he will film another romance drama with Tia because they do look nice together.

Here is the final episode for Fall In Love With Me:

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