Last year, our new favorite actor, Choi Jin Hyuk, seemed to be cursed with unhappy endings. This year, his lucky fans get to see him shine in his first lead role as Chang Min in the DramaFever exclusive Emergency Couple. Based on the synopsis, we know that this romantic comedy is going to include plenty of intense fighting between the lead couple, but in the end, will it finally conclude with a happy ending for Choi Jin Hyuk?

*SPOILER ALERT for Heirs and Gu Family Book*

Most of us were really sad and disappointed that Choi Jin Hyuk's character in Heirs basically gave up the girl he loved to marry a girl he didn't even like in order to gain money and power. I know I'm not the only who had a single tear role down my cheek as he cried in anguish over his decision! I wanted a happy ending for him so badly after he had a change of heart and became a loving brother to Kim Tan. BUT NO!

Did you know that Choi Jin Hyuk actually sang his Heirs theme song "Don't Look Back"? Just listen to the anguish in his voice and read the English translation:

Oh my broken heart!

And in Gu Family Book he gets left by his lover. And he dies. And then he comes back evil and dies AGAIN. NOT HAPPY!

So enough of Choi Jin Hyuk being sad. He just looks too adorable when he smiles!

In his new drama, Emergency Couple, he better finally get his happy ending! HEAR THAT DRAMA GODS?!

Guess we'll just have to tune in exclusively on DramaFever to find out! Make sure to sign up for your new episode alerts HERE.