Will it be a happy ending or sad separation for the romantic drama Someone Like You? Fans are anxious to know but are concerned of what they'll find out this Sunday in Taiwan. (DramaFever gets it the next day.) On the other hand, things are looking hot for Kingone Wang and Kirsten Ren

Zhan Chen ( Kingone Wangand Yu Xi (Kirsten Ren) really deserve a break. They met when Zhan Chen was blinded in a car accident that also killed his fiancee. It just so happened that Yu Xi was the long-lost identical twin to his fiancee, but of course he couldn't see that until he regained his sight. Yu Xi also had a cheating, scheming boyfriend who betrayed her trust. At any rate, the two gradually fell in love after enduring a lot of hardships and obstacles, including the fiancee's heart still beating inside another beautiful girl and giving her "cellular memory."

All these issues actually make a wonderful and adorable Taiwanese romance drama, even including breathtakingly hilarious moments such as one of the  funniest shower scenes ever in Asian drama history. (Thanks to our recapping drama club for this photo.)

Now, we are approaching the finale and things don't look so good. Yu Xi is in a coma at the end of episode 19. 

What will happen next? Will she die? Will she wake up? Will the fans get what we deserve for having loved and endured with this show for several months?

The ending sequence has always look sad, showing Yu Xi writing a goodbye letter to Zhan Chen and leaving him standing with the other girl. However, this particular plot point seems to have already been resolved as Yu Xi returned to Zhan Chen, right before she got into a car accident sending her into coma.

Taiwanese fans are trying to prepare for the worst and hoping for the best. They point to this picture taken from filming that Kingone Wang was wearing a ring, that possibly Zhan Chen got married and he wouldn't marry just anyone but Yu Xi, right?

Another silver lining that has soothed the desperate hearts of the devoted fans is that  Kingone Wang and Kirsten Ren apparently like each other, a lot. Reportedly they were spotted having a  private dinner together (i.e. without others around,) putting arms on each other's shoulder during filming breaks, and even Kirsten jumping up to hold an umbrella for Kingone against the blistering Taiwanese sun. The best one is that they were witnessed to be "drinking from the same beverage cup." 

It was also reported that Kirsten Ren's parents like Kingone Wang for being a gentleman in real life. 

Okay, Taiwanese fans, I hear the desperation in your voices and please keep the good tips coming, because I don't know what I'll do if it isn't a happy ending, and I don't want to go buy a box of tissues.

~ NancyZdramaland