Whether it is to protect their fandom or for personal reasons, Asian idols tend to either marry late or stay single for a long time. It is certainly the case for Jerry Yan, who rose to fame in Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, the first live-action adaptation based on the Japanese anime Hana Yori Dango, which was later made into Boys Over Flowers. Lately, there is talk that he may re-unite with ex-girlfriend, Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-Ling. How did the buzz start? Is there any truth to it?

The handsome leading man and the top beauty met when they were both young models. Lin remains the only official girlfriend that Jerry has ever acknowledged. During the years since their parting, Lin Chi-Ling and Jerry Yan's separate dating news always garnered headline attention, but nothing came to fruition. Lin is now 41 years old and has admitted to be looking for love, and Jerry has hinted that he wants to settle down. Neither is attached, so what's stopping them from getting back together?

Back in August, Jerry admitted during an interview that a scene in his drama The Best Ex-Boyfriend particularly touched him. His character couldn't get to his girlfriend's accident scene and it led to terrible regrets. He was so overwhelmed by emotions that he cried uncontrollably for long after the scene was filmed. He said that growing up poor with a single parent led him to have low self esteem and he was often harsh in using abrasive words. 

His candid remorse recalls the time in 2005 when Lin Chi-Ling fell off a horse during filming in China. It was a very serious accident and Lin broke 6 ribs. Reportedly he scolded her when she called about her accident, even though he later rushed to China to visit her. The couple ended their relationship sometime later. Lin Chi-Ling would later say she was more wounded by words from someone close to her.

When Ling Chi-Ling co-hosted the recent Golden Horse Awards awards in Taipei, she dressed up in student uniform to introduce the blockbuster film, Our Times. It turned out that Jerry Yan starred in that film. Whether it was premeditated or not, what the audience and fans all over saw was Jerry Yan's face displayed on screen meeting ex-girlfriend Lin Chi-Ling on stage. A wave of excitement came over fans and people started posting fun comments about the two possibly getting back together.

After the Golden Horse Awards, Ling Chi-Ling posted to her Weibo account thanking everyone she worked with to make the awards ceremony a success, and she posted photos, including the one showing her and Jerry together on stage. A fan wrote that she hoped the two would get back together. Guess what! Chi-Ling pressed <LIKE> and it was noticed immediately.

When fans really wish for something to happen, these minute details are noticed, analyzed, and discussed, but so far, there is no photo or confirmation of Lin Chi-Ling and Jerry Yan seeing each other, yet. 

And there is a new wrinkle: Ruby Lin of 16 Summers (The Way We Were) may be in the competition.

Just the other night, Ruby and Jerry were spotted in Taipei having dinner with a group of friends. They seemed quite friendly with each other and even took the same taxi when they left. Ruby later said to inquiring reporters that "there is nothing" between her and Jerry. It was also explained that Ruby lives in the same building as Meteor Garden alumni Vic Chou, and Jerry was simply along for the ride to visit Vic. 

Jerry Yan is turning 39 on January 1, 2016. What is his birthday wish for the new year?

We certainly hope Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-Ling will find love and happiness again, whether it's with each other or with someone else.

May all the lovers in the world find each other and live happily ever after.

Happy New Year! And, Happy Birthday to Jerry Yan!

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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