Former Girls Generation member Jessica may join the fifth season of Beauty Bible! Fans of Jessica Jung have been anticipating the singer's grand return to the South Korean entertainment industry. Their wish might come true very soon because the star is considering taking over as an MC on KBS W’s beauty program Beauty Bible.

The network representative confirmed that they are still in the negotiation stage with Jung and that nothing has been decided yet. "Though it is true that she is a possible candidate for the MC of the new season, her appearance has not been confirmed yet. Beauty Bible will start its new season this spring. We have been selecting candidates from female celebrities and are currently in the process of negotiating,”

Beauty Bible is all about the MCs and guests sharing beauty tips from their own personal experiences. 

It would be great if she joined a new program, but I like seeing idols trying out acting rather an MC positions. Radio DJ jobs are great ways for stars to connect directly with their fanbases too. If she does join the show, she will be filling in big shoes! ZE:A's Kwanghee, model Kang Seung Hyun, and Secret's Hyosung were the MCs from last season. I wonder who is in the running to fill the other two spots. 

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