Kim Soo Hyun broke K-drama fans' hearts in Producer last week. In episode one of the new KBS series, viewers found out Baek Seung Chan (actor Kim Soo Hyun) only joined the variety department at KBS to be near his longtime crush (actress Jo Yoon Hee). However, she never connected with him in their adolescence, and when he meets her again in the KBS lobby; she has no idea who he is.

To make matters worse, she is now seriously dating another PD at KBS! When Baek sees her on the CCTV getting cozy with veteran PD Ra Joon Mo (actor Cha Tae Hyun) behind the scenes, he is instantly heartbroken.

Baek almost made viewers cry when they saw him walk out of the bathroom stall with puffy eyes from sobbing over his first love.

On the flip side, her intense romance with Ra quickly comes to an abrupt end in episode two when he breaks up with her. Now that she is newly single, there is still a chance she and Baek could finally go out on a real date.

Baek Seung Chan may be heartbroken, but his undying devotion to his first love guided his career path. So, my question solely rests on the fact that if she is now available will he jump at the chance to date her? Do you think Kim Soo Hyun's character will fight for his first love? Would you fight for your crush if you were in his place?

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