Rumor has it that Kim Soo Hyun is looking at Doctor Frankenstein as his next drama after his insanely popular hit My Love From Another Star.

Kim has already seen the synopsis and scripts of the first two episodes, but he will need to see more before he makes his final decision. It's no surprise he's being cautious; since Dream High his dramas have been one hit after another. There's a lot at stake depending on how he wants his career to progress.

The drama will be written by Kim Tae Hee (no, not that one), who did Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Monstar, and produced by Raemong Raein (The Night Watchman's JournalSungkyunkwan Scandal). It follows two drama trends that seem to be taking over the end of 2014 and going into 2015: 1) have a character with multiple personalities, and 2) have the drama title be similar to a book title. Doctor Frankenstein does just that: it will follow an extraordinary medical physician with multiple personalities (gah!) who is quite cold-hearted and does not reveal his emotions easily. However, when he meets a woman (of course), he starts to change. There aren't many other details about the drama as it's still in pre-production stage, and no date or broadcaster has been set just yet.

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The story does not impress me much because it feels tired and old at this point, unless this drama decides to follow the Mary Shelley book and have Doctor Frankenstein actually make a dead man walk again. (I highly doubt that will happen.) We're going to have Hyde Jekyll I, Kill Me Heal Me, and Coffee Prince director's new drama Heart to Heart giving us our fill of mental health issues, so by the time this one comes out we might be sick of it. However, I would be interested in watching Kim Soo Hyun play with multiple personalities, just as I would with Hyun Bin. Kim was amazing in My Love From Another Star, holding his own against Jeon Ji Hyun despite the age difference, and he was also great in the film Secretly, Greatly, where he had to switch between being the town idiot to a highly capable North Korean spy in a split second.

I kind of hope that Kim Soo Hyun will take on this role. It might allow him to play a darker character and help him improve as an actor by increasing his range. But it's also so early in the game that casting news can change in a split second.

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