There is strong buzz about Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun starring in a new romantic comedy written by none other than the writer of My Love From Another Star. Fans, let's review what we know so far.

In January, it was reported that Lee Min Ho was considering a new drama from Park Ji Eun, the scriptwriter for My Love From Another Star. Lee's agency, Starhaus, confirmed the news and said that the script was being considered with the highest priority. 

So, what's been happening? Nothing! 

We've only heard from Lee Min Ho that he promises to return to a TV drama this year. No specific project has been mentioned.

What is he waiting for? 

Or, maybe the question is, who is he waiting for?

Jeon Ji Hyun gave birth to a baby boy in February, and she has been on a well-deserved maternity leave

The latest news is that the beautiful actress is considering a new project with her My Love From Another Star writer, Park Ji Eun. 

Wait, the SAME writer as the one who gave Lee Min Ho a script to consider?

No wonder the buzz is now about the two stars getting together in a new drama, which, coincidentally, could be directed by Jin Hyuk, the director behind Lee Min Ho's City Hunter.

Such a delicious combination! 

The wait for the popular Heirs leading man to star in a new TV drama has been long. It will be a wish come true for millions of his fans. For Lee Min Ho's fans, it almost doesn't matter which actress will be the leading lady, but of course if Jeon Ji Hyun will accept, it will be a fantastic pairing.

For Jeon Ji Hyun's fans, it will also be a fabulous opportunity to see the beautiful actress in her first role after her maternity leave. Will the versatile actress play a temperamental leading lady, a bewitching stranger, or someone totally different? I'm sure she will turn out another stunning performance.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for the confirmation news!

Are you excited about seeing Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun together?


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