mcmong During an airing of tvN eNEWS, singer MC MONG recently commented about a possible comeback. The singer had previously put his career on pause to join the military. Reporters have finally been able to talk to MC MONG, and get a very short interview. They asked him about what he's been up to, to which he answered, "I am doing well," and added, "I am just living with my family" The singer also dismissed all rumors about his possible comeback and said, "I'm not doing any music album work. You don't have to visit like this. I will live quietly." When the reporters visited an acquaintance of MC MONG, the acquaintance told the reporters that the rumors of MC MONG being featured in a song were not true. "It's because of a similar tone of voice that caused misconceptions." Lastly, the acquaintance also commented that MC MONG has trouble facing strangers, and doesn't eat out much. (Source: Nate)