Seo In Guk's latest medical results makes his decision crystal clear.

The Shopping King Louis actor has been battling with an ankle fracture for months, and he was sent home from the military four days after he enlisted because of it. Today, his agency (Jellyfish Entertainment) finally shed some light on the issue of his osteochondral lesion (fracture of the cartilage in his left ankle). Will it keep him from re-enlitsting or not?

Following his exams on April 27 and June 5, he received a grade 5 health rating. The rating, which makes him exempt from serving in the military, was given to him due to his osteochondritis dissecans diagnosis. Unfortunately, the 29 year-old idol and actor has a joint disorder where cracks form in the cartilage and underlying bone. 

Jellyfish plans to give his fandom even more updates regarding his military duty in the near future. At this point, it doesn't seem like he'll able to able to serve in any capacity, especially not an active duty soldier. Nonetheless, I hope it all works out for the best for him despite his grim diagnosis. 

What other ways do you think Seo In Guk can serve his country if he is unable to re-enlist?

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