On March 31, Bae Suzy's contract with JYP Entertainment expires, and we are all wondering if she will continue her career with them.

The Uncontrollably Fond star has come a long way since her debut with Miss A in 2010. Following a string of hits with the popular girl group, a hot solo music career and an always emerging acting career, many wonder why she would leave after 7 seemingly fantastic years with JYPE. Insiders in the industry are making an educated guess that the sexy idol will renew her contract. However, we can not be too sure after the Wonder Girls break up just days ago, and JIa leaving Miss A last spring.

Suzy's current contract, which began on April 1, 2010, also raised her status to CF queen. A few years ago, it seemed she could enjoy a very luxurious lifestyle with her commercial revenue alone. The 22 year-old didn't let her fandom down as she continued to act and sing just for them. 

Following the success of her Yes? No? solo album, do you think she will renew with JYP or sign with a new agency? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: JYP Entertainment


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