Tae Kwang is breaking my heart! In episode 12 of School 2015, Tae Kwang (actor Yook Sung Jae) learns that Eun Bi (actress Kim So Hyun) is transferring out of their high school. Heartbroken over his strained relationship with his parents, who he feels don't want him, he runs to Eun Bi to confess his true feelings for her before she disappears from his life forever.

*SPOILERS* Towards the end of the episode, he waited outside her house and openly admitted to liking her. 

Unfortunately, she proceeded to reject him quickly by apologizing and retreating to her house. Tae Kwang grabbed her arm and wrapped her in an embrace before she could walk away from him.

I had mixed emotions about this scene in the series. I love how open and honest Tae Kwang was with Eun Bi about his true feelings for her. However, I feel he may be using her to fill the empty void in his heart reserved for his parents. He misses his mother so much, and his father always pushes him away. He almost brought me to tears when he cried calling his mom on the phone. On the other hand, Eun Bi has already fallen for Yi Ahn (actor Nam Joo Hyuk). When she apologized and proceeded to walk away after his confession, he should have let her. Tae Kwang forcing Eun Bi to hug him was wrong. She had the right to refuse his affections. 

Deep down, viewers know Tae Kwang truly loves Eun Bi, and it was still heartbreaking to watch him get rejected. 

Now that the real Eun Byul returned home at the end of the episode, she may reclaim her first love Yi Ahn and make Eun Bi look at Tae Kwang again. Will his moving love confession be enough to eventually win Eun Bi's heart in the end? 

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