A Chinese inventor has raised a very important question, "Why would you make noodles when you can have a robot do it for you?". Cui Run Quan is an inventor in China who has created 'Noodlebot,' a robot that specializes in making noodles. Quan, who was once a chicken farmer, says that his invention can make make four balls of noodles a minute, as opposed to a chef who can make two balls of noodles a minute.

The robots took three months to design and were made to look like a cartoon so that they appear more friendly to children. 'Noodlebot' can make eight different kind of noodles, and noodle shops all throughout China are starting to use the robot because they save restaurants labor costs. Ok, we'll take a couple of orders!

Cui Run Quan and his creation.

The 'cook' in the kitchen.

You guys are good. Now, do you do ice cream?