For all of you who wear eyeglasses, and sunglasses for that matter, the newest type of smart glasses coming out of Japan may be of special interest. Just by connecting to an app on your phone, these stylish glasses will tell you how you feel. 

JINS, a Japanese company, has been at the forefront of stylish, innovative, and affordable prescription eyewear since its founding in 2001. According to its website, there are currently over 300 retail stores in Japan and China, and the first American JINS store opened in San Francisco just this past spring. On November 5, JINS will release a brand new type of wearable eyewear, one that will become a part of you.

The new JINS MEME will tell you some things about yourself that you may not have known without a pair of them on your head. By using built-in sensors, the glasses will assess your line of sight and posture, then by connecting to the special app, tell you your level of concentration, fatigue, and how straight you're standing. By tracking these movements, these glasses will learn and then relay to you how to deal with and improve certain aspects of your life. When using them for fitness, they will record calories burnt, time, and distance covered if used for running. They will even record and analyze your heart rate and running posture so you can improve your breathing technique and form.

But these glasses are far from being just for fitness buffs. For everyone else, these glasses will analyze your eye and head movements to calculate your level of fatigue and overall well-being. Yes, these glasses will even tell you how tired you are! For example, if you've been driving for a while on the freeway, an alarm will go off to notify you that your level of fatigue is at a maximum so that you can get to the next rest area and take a little break. But of course, like many other smart devices, it may seem a little pointless to some. After all, if you're too tired, you'll probably feel it, with or without smart glasses setting off an alarm to tell you that. 

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