Kwang Hee is pursing his dream girl! After School's UEE attended a press conference at the SBS Tanhyeon Production Center for her new SBS TV drama High Society today. During the event, the topic of her former Infinity Challenge co-star Kwang Hee came up. She mentioned that many inquires have surfaced after she appeared on the MBC variety show last month. The ZE:A member even texts her every day!

"I get a text from Kwang Hee once a day," she said.  "If Kwang Hee comes to the set, I will reveal it on SNS or somewhere. I absolutely will not meet him in secret. He keeps telling me to come out covered up in a hat, but I won′t. I will meet him publicly."

After making the audience laugh, the Fool's Love actress continued with a more serious statement about her real desire to connect with him. "I′m happy because I feel like I have gotten closer to Kwang Hee. He said he would come to the set, but I think he′s really busy. It would be nice to see him if the opportunity presents itself."

All joking aside, her last statement was really sweet. Kwanghee revealed in the past that UEE was his ideal type. Now, it seems like she may return his affections. Do you want to see this pair become a couple in real life?

Watch UEE in Fool's Love:

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Source: Via / Image Credit : BNT News