Valentine's Day is an occasion in which females express affection for their lovers by presenting flowers, presents, and chocolate. Today's Valentine's Day, however, has evolved into a day to show appreciation and affection towards the people you care for. Friends, family members, and even co-workers exchange chocolates as a token of loyalty and friendship. Unfortunately, that's not the case for everyone, as we learn from a recent survey that revealed why single men believe they don't get any chocolate and why single women are against the idea of gifting chocolate to their friends on Valentine's Day., a Korean social dating site, revealed the results of a survey where 1,352 single male and female participants answered questions regarding Valentine's Day. The questions were asked in terms of gender. Men who answered that they have never received chocolates from a friend were asked what the reason for that might be and here is how they answered:
  • 61% said they only have guy friends
  • 21% said they don't accept chocolate from a friend
  • 10% said they're not friendly with the girls around me
  • 4% said it's because of their personality
  • 1.8% said they don't like chocolate
In contrast, women who answered that they have never given chocolate to friends on Valentine's Day were asked the reason behind their decision and majority of female participants answered that they simply did not want to give chocolate to anyone. Here's the breakdown:
  • 49% said they don't want to give chocolate to anyone
  • 19% said they're not their friends' girlfriends
  • 17% said they don't care for Valentines day
  • 10% said they don't want their friends to get the wrong idea
  • 5% said they only have girl friends
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