The Japanese drama The Hours of My Life has been incredibly inspiring and uplifting despite its sad theme. Miura Haruma has been giving the performance of a lifetime as Sawada Takuto, a young man who is ill with ALS. Despite the fact that this drama is a cry-fest, there are so many scenes that make you appreciate your own life and loved ones. In order to celebrate its message, we are giving away four sets of iconic mugs from The Hours of My Life personally signed by Miura Haruma.

The mugs appear in this scene between Sawada Takuto and his beautiful girlfriend Hongo Megumi, played by the equally talented Tabe Mikako.

The actual autographed mug set you could win:

In order to win one of four sets of autographed mugs, simply comment below by Friday, March 7th about the scene from The Hours of My Life that has made you feel the most uplifted despite its sadness.

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