Actress Jung Ryeo Won and the K-pop idol group WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun’s dating rumors are not true! On Tuesday, Xports News reported that the Bubblegum actress and the K-pop idol star have been dating for a year after meeting through a friend. The two went on multiple dates, not caring much about people around them, and were last spotted at a cafe in Garosugil, according to the report.

Quickly after the news, Jung Ryeo Won’s agency denied the rumors on her behalf. “After checking with Jung Ryeo Won, the two are not dating. They met through a friend and have had food a couple of times with other friends, but that’s the extent of their relationship,” Key East representative said. YG Entertainment, as usual, didn’t have a public statement for their artist.

This isn’t the first time the two were rumored to date. In February, some fans noticed that they had posted similar photos around the same time, and wondered whether they were dating. For instance, Nam Tae Hyun (@souththth) and Jung Ryeo Won (@yoanaloves) had posted about the same musician (Kurt Cobain), the same film (Carol), and their kittens around the same time.

Nam Tae Hyun had indirectly denied the rumors, sharing, “I recognize that I could be misunderstood for posting things with personal taste. After this post, i won’t upload anything that I find tasteful. Please stop sending malicious messages.”

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