Birdie Buddy Poster

We now have the titles for episodes 1 and 2 of new DramaFever simulcast, Birdie Buddy!

Congratulations Dulce Caramella and Tanya Thairatana!

Dulce Caramella named episode 1 "A Hole in One."

Tanya Thairatana named episode 2 "With the Wind."

You can continue to enter the contest by clicking here for the rules, and submit your titles in the comments box. Each week we will announce the winners here on FeverWatch!


We now have the titles for episodes 3 and 4!

Congratulations Neha and Gamfr!

Neha named episode 3 "Chip It to Win It"

Gamfr named episode 4 "What Happened?"

**Update 2**

We now have the titles for episodes 5 and 6!

Congratulations Sarjina Niraula and Mew!

Sarjina Niraula named episode 5 "Seeing Reality"

Mew named episode 6 "A Lost Ball and a Lost Dream"

**Update 3**

We now have the titles for episodes 7 and 8! Keep the suggestions coming!

Congratulations to Anetflix and Kris Thairatana!

Anetflix named episode 7 "The Calm Before the Storm"

Kris Thairatana named episode 8 "In the Green"

**Update 4**

We now have the titles for episodes 9 and 10!

Congratulations again to Anetflix and to Waimaunoe!

Anetflix named episode 9 "Like Father Like Daughter"

Waimaunoe named episode 10 "Journey to the Top"

**Update 5**

We have the titles for episodes 11 and 12!

Congratulations to Sarjina and Marie!

Sarjina named episode 11 "Strength of the Club"

Marie named episode 12 "No Pain No Gain"

**Update 6**

We have the titles for episodes 13 and 14!

Congratulations to Masako and Tanya Thairatana!

Masako named episode 13 "Custom Fitted"

Tanya Thairatana named episode 14 "Obstacles"

**Update 7**

We have titles for more episodes! There's plenty of titles and winners this time!

Congratulations to Tanya Thairatana, Marie, Masako, and Emeli!

Tanya Thairatana named episode 15 "Muse of Golf"

Marie named episode 16 "No Guts No Glory"

Masako named episode 17 "The Turning Ball"

Emeli named episode 18 "Master's Last Putt"

**Update 8**

Congratulations to Shannon, Marie, and Jason - thank you for helping us name the final episodes of Birdie Buddy!

Shannon named episode 19 "Risky Choice"

Marie named episode 20 "Pay Back Time"

Shannon named episode 21 "Happy Birthday...or Not"

Marie named episode 22 "Jealousy"

Jason named episodes 23-24 "A Long Farewell" and "Birdie's Journey" respectively

We hope you enjoyed watching the series!