**WARNING: Totally scary zombie makeup pics below!**

We’ve recently dangled a delicious carrot in your faces by offering you all a chance to win two tickets to the premiere of zombie film Let Me Out and dinner with one of its stars Kwon Hyun Sang! You all know him as your DramaFever award winner for “Best Villain” for his role in K-Drama Vampire Prosecutor 2! All you had to do for your chance to win was show us your best zombie style!

So many of you entered and amazed us all with your zombie style, but only one of you disgusted and freaked us out more than anyone else! With your horror movie facial expressions, ingenious use of a corn field backdrop which is sooo Children of The Corn, and frighteningly realistic rotting flesh that had us going “ewwwww!” AMALA S. you're our grand prize winner!

While you’re busy having the most epic fangirl moment of the week and trying to breathe, we’re going to take a look at the photos that landed you at that dinner table with Kwon Hyun Sang!

Now Amala may be having dinner afterwards but guess what?! She's not the only one who gets tickets to the premiere! All of the other zombies who entered the contest will also get tickets! Check out some of your DF besties in their winning zombie style!

























Way to go everyone! "WINNING!"

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE