This old photo of a blogger's grandmother has made people stop and reflect on natural and exquisite beauty, the kind that surpasses time but seems to no longer exist in a modern world crowded with beauty that is enhanced, photoshopped, or further improved with extreme surgeries. No wonder it has become viral, garnering over 610,000 views overnight in China.

The woman in the photo looks straight at us with her large, bright eyes and pretty smile. Her natural beauty immediately captures our attention. Her hair is combed with short braids, in the style that was common to young women in a bygone era, probably during the 1940's. We can see her mandarin collar with hand-made buttons, which were also in the common style worn either as a top or as a simple dress. The original color was probably light denim blue.

A blogger named Liu posted his grandmother's old photo online and claimed that she remained beautiful all her life. What's shocking about the photo is what it's not. It is not full of the myriad of colors that we are accustomed to seeing these days. It is not edited or adorned with unnecessary accessories. And the young woman in the photo has hardly any makeup on, except for a slight shade on her lips. A natural warmth emanates from the old black and white photo.

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This photo was submitted by her 19-year old grandson to participate in a nostalgic photo contest. The blogger wrote, "The girl in this photo is my grandmother, Hsu Mo-Jia, who has already passed. Her natural and surreal beauty never surrendered to time."

According to the blogger, his grandmother grew up in a very wealthy family of high stature. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was young, and their wealth and family home were destroyed during the Japanese invasion in WWII. He remembers his grandmother as kind, caring, and of course, beautiful. She never complained about working hard and she never had a bad temper. Thinking about her still brings tears to his eyes.