The latest statistics on China's population show that there will be 30 million more Chinese men than women by 2020. Unfortunately, these men may never find a wife. To put that number into perspective, it is equivalent to the entire population of Canada. Young people are under enormous pressure to marry, and that pressure is the worst when they visit home for the Spring Festival holidays. One Chinese man has resorted to a bold move by placing a big ad on his car in order to find a girlfriend.

To placate his parents, who have been pressuring him to marry, 26-year old Huang Yuti wants to rent a girlfriend to visit his parents during Spring Festival holidays for the Lunar New Year. He resorted to posting a big ad on his car. The sign reads, "Renting a girlfriend to go home for the new year's" along with his phone number.

“I’m offering a thousand yuan for a girl to come home with me and meet my parents for three days to make my parents happy. And of course I’m hoping that we’ll get along well with each other and maybe develop a real relationship,” Huang said.

Huang hasn't found the girl yet, but has received nearly 30 calls from men who were in his age group and shared the same frustrations.

Remember our previous report about a desperate mom placing an ad telling her son she won't force him to marry? That ad has reverberated among young Chinese everywhere and many of them expressed empathy and wished they were not going home to face the pressure. In this report, a young man named Ding recounted his horrible experience when he went home to visit. Everywhere he went, he was questioned and grilled about marriage plans by people such as friends of his father, classmates of his mother, and even co-workers of his aunt. He was taken to over a dozen matchmaking appointments but they all failed. His parents are nagging him on the phone all the time now.

China's ratio imbalance between males and females started getting skewed a decade ago with the one-child policy which sought to address overpopulation, but now young people of marriageable age are under enormous pressure to find a mate. Unfortunately, the pressure is only going to get worse in the foreseeable future.

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