A South Korean woman was found living with her dead husband for 7 years. What's shocking is that she is the one who mummified her husband's body because she couldn't bear to part with him.

When Seoul police visited the 47-year-old woman's home following an anonymous tip, they found a well-preserved dead body. It turned out to be the woman's husband who passed away due to liver cancer in 2007. The woman is a pharmacist and she used her professional knowledge to embalm and preserve her husband's body with her own hands. The police said the body was maintained well.

When asked why she did it, her answer was:


She did it for love because she could not bear to part with her husband.

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It should be noted that the well-preserved husband was found in the living room. Is it not reasonable to speculate she spent every waking moment with him doing normal activities such as watching TV or eating dinner together?

Actually, if the police did not find out about it, this loving wife probably would have stayed by her mummy husband forever. What people do for love is truly incredible!

The police investigation is still ongoing.