A Chinese woman not only married three men, but the three husbands didn't even know they were married to the same woman and living in the same house. To be clear: Polygamy is illegal in China. The story may sound too incredible to believe, but it's true.

Zhou Tong has been married 6 years to Li Xue. After returning from an out-of-town trip for work, Zhou found a wedding photo of his wife and another man inside the closet. He also found clothes belonging to another man. He launched a private investigation, but the result stunned him.

The man in the wedding photo was named Liu Gang. When Zhou found Liu, Liu said he did not know Li Xue, and his own wife was named Zhang Juen. When Zhou showed Liu the wedding photo, the two men realized they were married to the same woman. Even worse, they were living in the same house. They also each had a wedding registration certificate.

There's more surprise ahead. 

When Liu Gang's brother heard about the story, he suddenly remembered that his co-worker Chen Bin's wife was also named Li Xue. When the three "husbands" finally got together, it was revealed that Chen was the owner of the house that everyone involved lived in.

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How did Li Xue fool the three men so successfully for 4 years?

When Li Xue was only 19 years old in 2003, she met Chen through the internet. They wanted to marry, but Chen's parents were against the union. Li moved into Chen's second home in Nanjing. They had a wedding but did not officially register. In 2008, Li met Zhou Tong online and married him. Now married to two men, Li continued to search for love online. In 2009, she met Li Gang under the name of Zhang Juen and married him using a false identity card.

As Chen usually lived in his first home, and Zhou and Liu both traveled for work frequently, Li Xue would change and rearrange the home decor to match whichever husband was coming home. She would hang the correct wedding photo on the wall and put the right clothes in the closet,.

At the time of reporting, the "husbands" had called the police on Li Xue and she was under investigation. Li Xue said she was afraid of being lonely and "entered each marriage with true love."

(photo: beijingtoday)