A woman in China has recently gained attention for having gone through 8 years of plastic surgery in order to make herself look just like Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. He Chang Xi appeared on a singing TV show where her almost identical looks to Fan Bingbing skyrocketed her to fame. Apparently, her boyfriend supported her endeavors, even opening up his own plastic surgery clinic.

Many people are having a hard time telling the real Fan Bingbing from the fake. However, netizens were quick to point out that Fan Bingbing's true charm could never be replicated by plastic surgery.

What do you think? Does He Chang Xi look similar to Fan Bing Bing?

Can you tell which one is the real Fan Bingbing from the photos below?

(Left: He Chang Xi; Right: Fan Bing Bing)

(Left: He Chang Xi; Right: Fan Bing Bing)

Left: Fan Bing Bing; Right: He Chang Xi)

Do you think they look alike? Share your thoughts below!


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