Song Joong Ki syndrome is hitting some Descendants of the Sun viewers harder than others, with a woman in China even creating a fake marriage certificate between the actor and herself. The problem is that her family and friends really believed that she was getting married to the star. Oops!

Li, 26, from Chongqing in southwest China, photoshopped the fake marriage license, complete with photos and details of her and the actor. She then posted it on her WeChat social media account announcing their supposed wedding, according to Chongqing Metro News. It was clearly done as a joke.

“I thought everybody knew Song Joong-Ki, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to do so,” Li said.

She assumed everyone knew who he was, but apparently not everyone did! Her friends wrote congratulations on the post, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether they were playing along or sincerely congratulating her. Her family, on the other hand, seemed to have believed it. A relative of Li’s saw the post, re-shared it, and asked when the marriage ceremony was to take place.

“We are about to do so, and [you are] welcome to attend our ceremony in Korea,” Li jokingly replied.

When Li’s father saw the post and thread of replies, he promptly called and berated his daughter over the phone: “Who has given a green light to your marriage? How dare you leave me in the dark? Where is he from?”

After explaining that it was all done in good fun, her father calmed down.

Moral of the story: You, too, can make people believe you are getting married to your favorite star!

Which celebrity would you like to pretend to get married to? Share in the comments below! And if you happen to create a fake marriage license with them, please share that with us too.


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