Established in Japan, capsule hotels provide simple accommodations to guests who basically need somewhere to get cleaned up and sleep for the night, without the amenities provided at larger hotels. The tiny capsules are where people sleep, which are very small but definitely comfortable enough for a good night's rest. And for guests at a women-only capsule hotel in Tokyo, cute anime boys are waiting for them in their capsules, ready to help them fall asleep after a long and stressful day or a crazy night out.

As with almost everything in Japan, the Akihabara Bay Hotel, which is located in the world-famous Akihabara district in Tokyo, is super-clean, cheap, and ideal for women who just need a place to sleep for the night, without the hassle of dealing with possibly drunk and annoying male guests. Despite most capsule hotels dividing guest gender by floors, sometimes girls just want to be around other girls, and for them, Akihabara Bay Hotel is the place to go. But there's one thing that separates this hotel from other newer women-only capsule hotels in Japan. Akihabara is known for its electronic megastores and otaku culture, so it's only appropriate that the Bay Hotel offers guests a unique, Akihabara-only experience. To provide comfort to tired guests, each capsule wall right by the bed is decorated with a giant anime boy from King of Prism, so when loneliness strikes before bedtime, ladies can stare at the sexy boys laying right next to them. Unfortunately, they're just painted on the walls, and they can't talk, but who really cares, especially if you're about to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, this is only a promotion, which will come to an end on September 30th. But for those planning on traveling to Japan, and want to experience a night in a capsule hotel, there are many more to choose from. Sure, they may not have hot anime hunks on walls for you to fall asleep with, but they'll only cost you around 2000 to 4000 yen a night, which is about 20 to 40 dollars. Not bad for a uniques experience in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Sweet dreams . . .


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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