In a recent broadcast of Section TV Entertainment News, one reporter answered the question, “Who is the game king among celebrities” -- and it turns out, it's Won Bin! The reporter explained:

“Won Bin’s love for gaming is great. He loves gaming so much that he invites guests to his house to play games. It is known that he enjoys playing games until early in the morning. It was said that Won Bin does not say much and is consistently silent. He does not talk while he’s playing games but appeared to be in immersed in the game with a very happy expression.”

Another reporter added, “Both Won Bin and Kang Dong Won are stars who cannot be left out in a conversation about games. Kang Dong Won and Won Bin went to a PC Room (internet café) together to play games,” and, “There is a ‘Pretty Boy Meeting’ for those who like games. Kwon Sang Woo, Won Bin, and Kang Dong Won are those members.”

Netizens who came across Won Bin’s love for gaming commented, “Won Bin’s love for games, more than Lee Na Young?” “Won Bin’s love for games, I want to play games with Kang Dong Won and Won Bin,” “Won Bin’s love for games, not really into guys who play games but if Won Bin does it, it’s cool.”