Won Bin has been cast as the new spokesmodel for Biotherm Homme. The brand, which targets males in their twenties and thirties, cited Won Bin’s mass appeal to both women and men as one of its influential decisions to cast the actor. The cosmetics brand manager Lee Soo Young said, “Won Bin possesses both charisma and a soft and sensitive side as well, making him appealing to both men and women. His luxurious image is a great fit for Biotherm Homme and his attention and care for his own self provides trust for consumers. All of these fit well with the masculine feel we were striving for, leading to his casting as our model.” Interestingly enough, Biotherm Homme also cited a survey which found the actor most popular among male college students. Won Bin will join Gong Hyo Jin, who serves as the female model for Biotherm. He will begin his contract in January 2013. Here are some teaser ads of a wet Won Bin staring seductively at the camera: Are you excited for what's to follow?