23289859 (1) On a recent episode of Healing Camp, actress Kim Hye Sook, known for playing the mother in countless K-dramas, discussed what it was like to have "mothered" so many top stars. To emphasize what an important role Kim Hye Sook has played in young stars' lives, the show's MCs surprised her with a heart-warming message from Won Bin, who worked with her on My Brother and Autumn Fairy Tale. The letter said:
Whenever I see you, you always, without a doubt, ask me, ‘Did you eat?’ ‘Are you making sure you’re getting something to eat?’ while holding my hand and patting me. It might be an ordinary greeting to others, but to me, it’s something I always feel with sincerity and warmth. Although it’s been a very long time since I saw you for My Brother, you have always called me ‘Our Binnie’ and taken care of me. You are a teacher, like a mother to me because you’re the first to come running whenever there is something wrong. I’m always thankful.
khs2 Yoo Ah In and Daniel Choi have also shared their love for Kim Hye Sook, saying that she's showed a mother's love and affection for them both. In response to all these words of praise, Kim Hye Sook said, “Because I don’t have a son, I end up taking care of [my onscreen sons] with more affection." She continued, "All the actors that I’ve worked with don’t feel like strangers, and are really like my own children.” And only a short time until Mother's Day! What do you think of Won Bin's letter? And how will you be appreciating your mom this Mother's Day? Tell us in the comments below! (Source: enewsworld.interest.me)