Wonder Girls' Sunye is getting married! She recently announced her marriage, which will take place next January, to JYP Entertainment and the members. However, she makes clear that there will be no such thing as disbandment of Wonder Girls due to her marriage. JYP Entertainment expects that, while Sunye focuses on her new married life, other members will still be active as solos. Here's Sunye's full letter to fans: Hello, this is Sun! We’re already heading into the final month of 2012.  For me, I have been spending my own ‘sensitive time’ as I’ve been reflecting on all the memories, like a movie reel, from not only this past year but the past six years since I entered the gayo world under the name of ‘Wonder Girls’. Haha and the feeling that has most filled up my heart is ‘thankfulness’.  Despite having spent a long period in training, I still think of it a miracle not only that someone lacking like myself has debuted but also that I have been given responsibility as the leader of a group while doing so.  In the two years after [I became a leader], through Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody we’ve received a tremendous amount of love and attention and we’ve been having this so-called ‘success’ term be applied by those around us. I think it was a time where we ran without even having the time to look back on ourselves. Towards the direction of the things we wanted to do! Towards our dreams. And so, time passed some more and already Wonder Girls is in its sixth year… Beginning in our second year, I began doing volunteer work and the scope of my heart, which used to be so tiny, grew…. And most of all I experienced and felt so many things…. And I even began to understand ‘life is a miracle’… which, can seem random, but which I began to grasp more.  After looking back on all this time, such feelings of gratitude fills my heart towards the members who are standing with me… and needless to say we are so thankful to our Wonderfuls who love and cheer us on as we are… though some of you may be thinking these are things we always say.. Haha.  Actually, the thought has come to my mind that now we have Wonderfuls that are abroad and many who I have never even seen their faces before… but despite never having seen each other’s faces or having met, the fact we can give to each other such a great and positive energy really makes the word, ‘wonder’ come to my mind. That’s why, whenever I can… I want to say it- that I’m truly thankful.  This is the first time I’ve written in a while but… actually as I write each letter my heart is so anxious, I can’t hide it.. Haha I’m not even one to normally get anxious on the stage… but right this moment… I’m kind of shaking… There are times I write for no real reason but today I’m doing so for a special reason. To all my close and thankful people I wanted to tell you directly rather than it being heard through others. Regarding this matter, it’s a little difficult for me to go into details but I’ll tell you the most important part! January 26, 2013 has become a very important day in my life. I’ve come to make a promise to marry and for two to become one and walk the same path together. There will be people who will think, ‘That’s too sudden..’ but I want to ask you to please trust and bless my decision. If anything, I wanted to make sure I tell everyone directly. Don’t be too disappointed either! Just like you have laughed with me when I was happy and cried with me when I was sad, I hope on January 26 you will all share your hearts with me wherever you are. And to all my Wonder Girls members who discussed and understood this decision… and to all my company family ….I want to say I am truly thankful! I hope and pray that you all will finish this year well and hold a precious time to prepare for the arrival of the new year. Truly I am thankful. Thank you. From, Wonder Girls Sun Source: www.WonderfulGeneration.net