Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai has just premiered his latest film The Grandmaster over the last few days. His film boasts Asian talent such as Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang, Chen Chang and Song Hye Kyo. The film is a biopic of Wing Chun pioneer Ip Man, famous for training Bruce Lee. While a US release is still anticipated, for now a review from James Marsh should suffice: “Light on narrative, but oozing Wong’s trademark elegance, the film weaves the director’s familiar themes of love, loss and the corrosive nature of time around some of the most gorgeous martial arts sequences ever filmed,” says Marsh. And if you're wondering about the fight sequences? He continues: "...the staging of the action in The Grandmaster is a far cry from the kung fu in Wong's last martial arts venture, 1994's Ashes of Time. That film instilled a magical quality into its action, coupled with that blurry slo-mo camerawork Chris Doyle favoured at the time. In The Grandmaster, we see everything, and the fights themselves are shot almost as elegant courtships, dictated by ritual, ceremony and mutual respect..." Here, Director Wong Kar Wai shares a laugh with the leads of The Grandmaster at the Hong Kong premiere: Who's excited for this film? (Source: blogs.indiewire.com)