The house of INFINITE, Nell, and TASTY -- Woolim Entertainment -- revealed that they have officially merged with SM Entertainment to create Woolim Label. The news quickly spread, as INFINITE recently launched their first world tour, "2013 INFINITE 1st WORLD TOUR-ONE GREAT STEP," on August 9th in Seoul Olympic Park, and many fans were worried that there might be changes to the band because of the merger.

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During the encore stage after 150 minutes of performance, leader Sunggyu thanked the fans and commented, "The reason why INFINITE was able to build from ground up ever since our debut 3 years ago is because of you fans. I feel sorry for my members because I lack in so many things. Many people are misunderstanding (the situation); there will be no changes that will be made to the INFINITE team and members. We will continue to release great songs to our fans."

(Source: Nate)