If internationally renowned Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo didn't already make the ladies swoon enough, the handsome athlete won even more hearts when video of him defending a Japanese boy went viral across the web. At a fan meeting in Japan, a young boy tried his best to speak in Portuguese to his idol, but when the audience mocked his attempt, Cristiano Ronaldo stepped in to save the day.

If anyone knows the struggle of having to learn a second language and then speak it on live TV, it's Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he had to learn two languages himself, Spanish and English, he knows how hard it is to get up the courage to speak it for the first time. He also used to be mocked by his peers for his strong accent when he moved from Maderia to continental Portugal, so it is only natural that when he heard a young boy struggle, he stood up for him. Watch the amazing video and read the translation below.

KID- Good afternoon (Portuguese)

KID- My name is Yota (Portuguese)

RONALDO- “Jota”? (English)

RONALDO – What is your name? Your name? (English)

KID- Yota (Portuguese)

KID- My dream is to be a soccer player (Portuguese)

RONALDO – Ok, I understand!

KID- And one day have the pleasure of being player along with you. (Portuguese, there is a small mistake on the sentence) 

KID- To accomplish this what should I do? (Portuguese)


RONALDO - Why Smile? .... (English)

RONALDO - He is speaking good Portuguese. Very good! (English)

RONALDO- You should be happy because he tried very hard. (English)

I know that even if I were trying to speak to Ronaldo in English, my native language, I would stutter! Isn't it so heartwarming to see him stand up for the boy who considers him his idol? 

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