Are you caught up with the most recent episodes of My Love From Another Star? This drama keeps setting viewer rating records! As the story becomes serious, Cheon Song Y i(Jeon Ji Hyun) and Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) recognize their love for each other. Fans are starting to predict that it might become a melodrama that is too serious to enjoy as a romantic comedy, so to keep things light, I am looking for funny fan-made parodies. Here is the cutest parody of My Love From Another Star ever, the fake diary of Cheon Song Yi’s red car, Boong Boong.

1. January 2nd, Thursday, Sunny from Episode 6

“My baby, Boong Boong Yi, let’s go for a ride!” Master ran at full speed hanging her handbag up on my ear. Friends kept honking behind me….ㅠ.ㅠ keuk…

2. January 2nd, Thursday, Sunny from Episode 6

"Ohwoong, my Boong Boong Yi, you want to eat din-dins and go? Din-dins~ din-dins?” Master bought me din-dins! But I don’t know what kind of din-dins I ate. A man, who fed me, gave the bag to my master, which was hanging up on my ear! Thank you!

3. January 2nd, Thursday, Sunny from Episode 6

I wanted to be my master’s hand. Fortunately, a kind Mr. guard helped her. Thanks!

4. January 2nd, Thursday, Sunny from Episode 6

I am so angry! Goddamn, that jalopy! The car crashed into us on purpose and then a person, who came out the car, harassed my master. I really want to have wings on my side to save her when this kinds of situation comes to her.ㅠㅠ Masterㅠ

5. January 2nd, Thursday, Sunny from Episode 6

The elegant, intellectual, dazzling, handsome guy saved my master! And she escaped leisurely by amazingly handling the crisis! She is a great, great woman as might be expected.

6. January 8th, Wednesday, Sunny from Episode 7

A glass jar nearly hit my master! ㅠㅠ It was a relief that the guy saved her so she didn’t get hurt that much. Thank you! However…Did he open my door and save her? Any… Anyway… bring master to a hospital!!!...

7. January 9th, Thursday, Snowy from Episode 8

Rascally people made my body get sick! At this rate, she will be in danger! Master! Master! Wake up! Please wake up!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!

8. January 9th, Thursday, Snowy and lightning from Episode 8

I don’t care how my body is going wrecked! Please somebody save my master!! At that time, lightning struck in front of me and then that guy suddenly appeared and made me stop running. Thank you!

9. January 10th, Friday, Snowy from Episode 8

Today, master and the guy visited me together in the hospital. Master! I know who the bad people are. But I can’t tell you the truth that this guy saved me. It wasn’t a rockㅠ.ㅠ..

10. January 16th, Thursday, Sunny from Episode 10

Boohoo!ㅠ.ㅠ The way master was looking at me changed! Master! Don’t abandon meㅠㅠ I want to live with you for my whole lifeㅠㅠ! Her eyes returned to usual as if she heard my voice! Phew….

Isn’t Boong Boong Yi's character cute? This fan’s imagination is amazing. They created a new story and character, and it made me enjoy watching My Love From Another Star more. These cartoons show some of the funniest and most interesting moments of each episode. Check the scenes out by watching My Love From Another Star!