Who ever said construction had to be all gung-ho, testosterone-oozing machismo? A construction worker in Japan is out to change that image with his shovel truck.

This construction worker doesn't whistle at or give out cat calls to females as they walk past him while he's working. The girls are the ones that hit on him! Defying all convention, a president of a construction company called Kikuken Kogyo painted his shovel trucks a bright pink, and adorned them with cute little white polka dots and a big, white heart on the driver's back window. The reason behind this endeavor was because the loud construction was getting some complaints from annoyed neighbors, so the president of the company wanted to do something to placate them and spread some joy. His efforts seemed to have been successful because, according to the man himself, the complaints have mostly died down. After painting his trucks pink, the president/artist found himself in a groove, painting his other trucks like giraffes and zebras.

Not surprisingly, passer-by have been snapping photos of the trucks at work. The photos have been circulating online, and the pleasant reactions and comments may possibly be a sign of things to come.

Imagine that...a world where there's bright, colorful art on anything and everything!

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