Just being able to eat, drink, and sing with your friends in a private karaoke suite is no longer good enough, according to the proprietors of a karaoke business in Japan who have created a room where customers can sing and climb their hearts out at the same time. 

Invented in Japan in 1971, karaoke is now enjoyed by millions and millions of people all over the world. In Japan, entire karaoke buildings that are 10 stories high, complete with private suites, all of which serve food and drinks for 24 hours, are not uncommon at all. Anyone who's ever spent a significant amount of time in Japan will have at least one karaoke story to bring back home. After all, there are an estimated 150,000 karaoke box (suite) establishments in the tiny country, not including karaokes within other countless bars and clubs. And because the Japanese have so many places to go sing, competition among karaoke businesses is fierce. Every karaoke suite has some kind of deal, whether it's a free hour given after a certain time, a free drink, or whatever the case may be. 

But the proprietors of "Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba" in Hiroshima decided that deals alone were not enough to stand out among the competition. Having decided that bouldering (a form of rock climbing) was popular enough in Japan to woo customers, they built a giant karaoke suite complete with a rock climbing wall. How many people want to climb a wall while singing is beyond me, but maybe some party people will reserve the room just for the novelty of it all. Furthermore, you're not supposed to climb if you've had any alcohol, and you're not allowed to climb and sing at the same time. 

I guess it's for people who don't really enjoy the whole karaoke experience, where in Japan you're kind of expected to become an audience for whoever's singing their favorite songs. At least in this karaoke suite, if you can't take it anymore, there's always a wall for you to climb.

Opens today!

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