Despite all the news and media talk in recent years of the coming age of private space exploration, where civilians will be able take a trip on a space plane, the reality is that most of us are never going to get to leave the Earth's atmosphere. But for those of us who want just a taste of what it's like to be in outer space, a new Japanese company's got the just the drink.

So you're fascinated by stars, you love thinking about the vastness of the universe, yet you know tasting what outer space feels like will always be just a wish...until today, that is. Your previously unattainable wish is at the command of a mysterious company in Japan that just debuted their beverage named "Space Tea" at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2014. To recreate a taste of space as close to the real thing as possible, the creators of this special beverage did hours of research, asking astronauts who had actually been up there at the International Space Station to describe what outer space tasted like, and the consensus was that it tasted like raspberry. With all the research "data," scientists went to work, and after endless hours in the lab, they came up with Space Tea, the first known tea inspired by the final frontier. One sip, and you're sure to feel like an astronaut just back from a spacewalk, even though others may think you're just a space cadet sipping on a phony raspberry tea. But who cares what others think!

Tea bags are available in packs of 20 at the Space Tea online shop for 2160 yen, or about 20 dollars. Plans are to also make the tea available at the Uchu-Cafe (Universe Cafe) in Omote-Sando, right next to Harajuku. That's quite a deal for a taste of space.

Taste of Space

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Space Tea at Maker Faire Tokyo 2014