The world's largest vessel ever was recently floated for the first time in Geoje, South Korea. Weighing 600,000 tons, Shell's Prelude vessel can fit four soccer stadiums on its deck and it is longer than the Empire State building. When construction is completely finished, officials say the structure will have costed over $12 billion to build. Beginning in 2017, it will be used to help produce natural gas.

It will remain in the Indian Ocean where Shell officials say it has the capabilities to make enough natural gas to power a city as big as Hong Kong. Prelude is not technically a ship because it has to be towed to its destinations because of its immense size. Shell says they already have plans to construct an even larger vessel. To really get an idea of how big the vessel is, check out the amazing time-lapse video below as the Prelude takes off for the first time!

How the Prelude compares with some of the world's tallest buildings.

You can fit four soccer stadiums on its deck!