Maybe McDonald's holds the secret to eternal youth. Two men from Australia claim to be in possession of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese that they bought 20 years ago, and it looks almost the same as the night they brought it home.

Longtime friends Casey Dean and Eduard Nitz, who were 14 and 13 at the time of purchase in 1995, still have the Quarter Pounder with Cheese that they bought for another friend who was supposed to come over to their house but ended up not showing up. Casey and Eduard kept the burger so their friend could eventually eat it, but it quickly turned into a joke as more and more time passed, and before they knew it, days turned into months, then years, and now, two long decades. The twenty-year-old burger doesn't look delicious anymore, but it still looks edible, if you didn't know it was 20 years old. 

The reasons for this phenomenon have been studied recently by scientists and food researchers, especially with all the attention given to how bad fast food is for overall health. After a number of studies, it was found that it wasn't the preservatives, high sodium content, or some crazy secret chemical in McDonald's burgers that allowed the burgers to stay so great after years of being made, but the lack of moisture in the patties and burgers after they had dried out that prevented any molding from taking place. The moisture leaves before any rotting takes place. So there is a scientific explanation after all, but it's still a bit creepy.

Casey, Ian, and their 20-year-old Quarter Pounder with Cheese

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The way a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is supposed to look: