Hayao Miyazaki, recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, may be retired, but the characters he created are not. Totoro, one of his most popular, will be coming out as a doll, to be made by the oldest teddy bear manufacturer in the world.

Steiff, from Germany, is a high-quality plush toy maker established in 1880. and it has the distinction of having made the world's first teddy bear 112 years ago. It can be said that Steiff is the godfather of all teddy bear makers, and it has signed an agreement with Studio Gibli to create a very limited edition Totoro doll. Steiff is not new to collaborating with Japanese characters, having made Hello Kitty and Godzilla dolls in the past.

The Totoro doll will is priced at 42,000 yen, about 400 dollars, which is understandable. Every single Totoro will be hand made by a craftsman, and it will come with a serial number and a certificate. Japan will only get 1500 dolls, with more to be distributed worldwide. This collector's dream doll is scheduled for release in June of 2015.

Steiff Totoro

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