Martial Universe's star Wu Chun rose to fame as a member of the popular Fahrenheit band, which also included Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen. The handsome model-singer went on to acting success in popular idol dramas, but his most stunning role would come in starring in his own romantic life. What happened?

It's long been an open secret that many Asian idol stars keep their private dating lives under covers. The reason is complicated. Many of them fear potential damages to their fandom if they were revealed to be single, but they also want to protect the privacy of their loved ones, especially when the significant others are non-celebrity.

In 2013, Wu Chun dropped a bombshell, confessing that he wasn't just married, he was already a dad. His wife was his first love and high-school sweetheart. They started dating when they were only 16, and their child was born in 2010 after they married in 2009. The then 33-year-old star announced the shocking news just prior to his autobiography, "Ignite Courage," was published.

The headline news stunned the fans and spread like wildfires from Asia to across shining seas. Many fans were very disappointed, not solely because their adored idol was revealed to be taken — They felt that he had cheated them "too much" in his repeated denials of his true relationship status.

One news report summarized it by dating his major denials in a timeline:

2011-June: A tabloid magazine reported that Wu Chun had married girlfriend Lin Liying in 2009, and that their baby was born in 2011. The news pointed to children's clothing being dried on the balcony as supporting evidence. Wu Chun denied by saying he didn't know who Lin was, and that his elder brother had 4 children, so it was normal to see children's clothes.
2011-July: Wu Chun confirmed that he had not dated for 15 years!
2011-December: When asked directly by a show host, Wu Chun replied, "How many times do I need to deny? If people asked me again, I'd feel like punching them."
2012-January: When interviewed by an entertainment magazine, he firmly said he was single. Although there were many well-qualified nice females around him, his career came first.

For Wu Chun, coming clean was a huge relief after telling lies over the years.

The idol star said of his wife: "She is also my first love. She has always been by my side over the years, be it ups or downs. From my study days in Australia, the passing of my mum, when my best friend left me, my business in Brunei and even till now, she has always been by my side, encouraging and supporting me."

When he finally revealed the truth, one could understand that although he previously didn't tell the whole truth, his lies were partial truths: When he said he wasn't dating anyone, he was loyal to his first love and never dated anyone else. After they married, he protected her by lying, even though he wanted to reveal how happy he was as a family man, because she wasn't yet ready to face public scrutiny.

Unlike other Chinese stars, Wu Chun is lucky that his wife and family live in Brunei, where they were born. They are somewhat shielded from tabloid news digging up the details of his life in the island country where the star's family enjoy a privileged upper-class life and stature, and his uncle is a member of the parliament. Wu Chun himself was award an Excellent Youth award, presented by the King of Brunei, in 2015.

Ever since his scandalous admission, Wu Chun has become more open in revealing his family life. His second child, a son, was born in October 2013. He recently appeared with his children in a Chinese reality show. Many fans support him now by saying it's impressive and touching to see real-life first love reaching a happy ending, and that a handsome leading man would be so devoted to one woman.

The 38-year-old star has also transitioned to more complex characters in his acting choices. He currently stars as Lin Lang Tian in Martial Universe, his first TV drama since 2014.

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