Hyun Bin opened up about his interest in expanding his career in the West. He is currently in the middle of promotions for his upcoming crime film The Swindlers. During a recent interview with a media outlet, the Secret Garden actor revealed that he has turned down a role in Tinseltown in the past.

“I have received an offer. But I didn’t do it because of the timing and also because I wasn’t ready in some ways.” 

However, if the opportunity presented itself again, he would seriously consider it.“They'd have to cast me, but I think it is possible if the opportunity and situation aligns. I’m not ruling anything out and it would be good if a good opportunity came along.”

The Swindlers, which is about a con artist getting conned, releases in South Korean theaters on November 22. Who wouldn't want to see this sexy actor on the big screen or every week in your favorite American TV series? The 35-year-old actor has been a part of the entertainment industry for well over a decade, and his military duty is complete. I think it's time he headed stateside. Last December, Hyun Bin and Revolutionary Love actress Kang So Ra revealed they were in a relationship. A couple production would be even better!

Which popular Hollywood actor or actress would you love to see him collaborate with?


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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