kimnayoung yooseyoon

Golden Fishery’s the Knee-Drop Guru is in trouble. Knee-Drop Guru previously suffered after Kang Ho Dong’s tax evasion scandal in 2011. After a year-long break, the segment resumed with the return of Kang Ho Dong in late 2012. Unfortunately, it hasn't been as popular as it used to be, and now it’s in serious trouble, because Yoo Se Yoon has quit the show following his bizarre drunk driving confession last week.

To fill the empty spot, the show producers asked Kim Na Young to sub as MC. However, many worry that Yoo Se Yoon’s arrogance and insolence were the key to the show's popularity, and without him, the show might be boring. We'll see if Kim Na Young can live up to Yoo Se Yoon’s popularity in the show.