Actor and model Lee Jong Suk recently sat down for an interview where he talked about his admiration for Joo Won as character Park Shi On in the K-Drama Good Doctor. He was extremely impressed with Joo Won’s take on the character, and wondered if he himself could have brought a character like Park Shi On to life as well as Joo Won did.

Joo Won is by far one of the best actors out in the business right now. His acting range is tremendous, and you know how you can tell when an actor is really amazing? When you can watch that actor in a current role and completely forget about his previous character. When the acting is really good, you will not find yourself comparing one role to another, and picking up on various character similarities.

But could Lee Jong Suk have played Park Shi On? I think so, and I’m not being biased because of his perfection either. Lee Jong Suk in the last year has really been taking roles showcasing his own acting range, and I believe he could have brought his own uniqueness to character Park Shi On.

What do you think? Could Lee Jong Suk have been just as great as Joo Won in Good Doctor?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE