In a recent interview, popular actor Lee Min Ho was asked an imaginative question. For a handsome man who is adored by millions of fans, if he had to give up either his charming looks or his long-legged height, which would he choose? You may be surprised by his candid answer. He also admitted to why his face may be a little puffy. Let's find out more, including how he's able to face pressures in the entertainment world.

This interview is four and a half minutes long. In the interest of time, I will concentrate more on Lee Min Ho's answers.

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Start: (Interviewer welcomed LMH and asked about the most difficult part in playing a role that is 9 years younger than his true age in Heirs.)

00:22 - 00:39 LMH: Even though I have previously worn a school uniform in other dramas, to wear it again as a character 9 years younger, of course I felt some pressure. However, I have a young and fun side too, so it wasn't difficult to interpret and express the character.

(She asked whether he possessed something unique to attract such roles as charming chaebol sons as in Boys Over Flowers and Heirs.)

00:50 - 01:02 LMH: To audition for the curly-haired Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers, I permed my hair to look more like him. (Laughs)

01:02 - 01:10 She asked if he would have a curly haired look now. LMH laughingly replied, "Impossible!"

(* Here comes the important question about what he would give up.)

01:11 - 01:23  You are exceptionally tall and handsome, so we have a special question that you may have to think about more before answering. If you had to give up one of the two features, which would it be?

01:23 - 01:34 LMH: I think my looks are enhanced by height. So, if I had to give up one of the two, I would choose height.

01:35 - 01:45 A drama series can quickly propel an actor's fame. How do you plan to keep your top position among actors when faced with fierce competition?

01:46 - 02:02 LMH: My principle in life is to fully exert myself to do well in everything so that there is not a single regret. Regardless of which character I play, the most important thing is that I act with sincerity.

02:03 - 02:18 I've heard that Korean actors would not eat ramen to avoid having a puffy face the next day (Lee Min Ho touched his face.)  I see you covering your face immediately. Do you have such a worry?

02:19 - 02:30 LMH: Koreans love ramen and would often eat it in the evening. I ate some ramen last night, so my face is a little puffy.

(Okay, mystery solved. If you ever see Lee Min Ho with a puffy face, it's probably because of ramen. Can't someone invent a ramen that doesn't cause a puffy face?)

(She then asked if he has certain food restrictions or special fitness routines to maintain his best condition.)

02:44 - 03:05 LMH: Besides paying attention to external looks, I also focus on strengthening my internal state of mind. I've noticed that even when feeling fatigued or stressed, I can quickly recover if I am strong mentally.

(Because this interview took place while he was promoting for Osim's uDiva massage chairs, she congratulated him on becoming Osim's spokesperson and asked if he felt more energized by using the massage chair.)

03:20 - 03:36 LMH: Using the massage chair can relax muscles and cheer up one's mood. UDiva has a lot of features. How about giving it a try?

(She asked him to describe the massage chair's most unique feature.)

03:44 - 03:55 LMH: Its modern design. I couldn't believe it when I saw it for the first time. It's a massage chair?

(She asked if his height is a concern for a chair that looks small.)

04:02 - 04:17 LMH: That was my original concern too. However, uDiva can be adjusted into many positions, so even though I'm tall , I can feel very comfortable.

Lee Min Ho then ended the interview with a special message to the viewers:

I am Lee Min Ho. Thank you. 

He added in Chinese 

Xie Xie (Thank you.) Zai Jian (Goodbye.)

So what do you think about his answer on what he would give up? I was impressed by what he said about having a strong mental attitude to face external pressures. It's a great lesson to live by, particularly in the entertainment world.

Do you enjoy reading these interview translations? I am a fan myself and enjoy learning more about Lee Min Ho too. Let me know if there is a particular interview you are interested in. It has to be in Chinese or have Chinese subtitles. Post comments below.