As soon as Disney announced its global search for a Chinese actress to play Mulan in the movie version about the Chinese heroine, this Taiwanese celebrity has become the popular favorite as reported by Taiwanese news, and photos of her compared to the animated Mulan have also gone viral. Who is she?

Do you see the similarity between Hu Ting-Ting and the animated Mulan?

Taiwanese media have pointed out the cute facial features, and especially, the very traditional eyes that are revered by the Chinese culture as "Phoenix eyes." As you probably know, the dragon and the phoenix are auspicious mythical creatures originated from ancient China and are also symbols of the Emperor and the Empress.

So who is Hu Ting-Ting?

Hu Ting-Ting is the famous daughter of Hu Chih-chiang, the former mayor of Taichung, Taiwan. Graduated from Duke University with a major in public policy, she also obtained her master's degree in public policy from the world famous University of Oxford.

She has been a model and also acted in support roles in movies and dramas. However, she has not been active in acting since 2014

The most recent news about her is her romantic marriage, taken place in New York City in June this year, to a longtime friend from college days. They had known each other for 16 years and finally realized they are each other's true love.

One question is whether the 37-year-old beauty can play Mulan from the age of 16, as was portrayed in the original animated film. Nevertheless, reportedly her ardent Taiwanese fans have declared that they wouldn't watch the upcoming 2018 film unless Ms. Hu is the star.

What is remarkable is that it may have taken a popular petition that has already gathered more than 100,000 signatures to remind Disney that there are many Chinese or perhaps Asian American actresses who can qualify for the role that is based on a true Chinese female warrior in history.

For fans of Korean, Chinese and other Asian dramas, we're familiar with many actresses who can qualify for the new Mulan role. Another DramaFever writer even proposed a dream cast last year.

Who would be your favorite to play the historical heroine? What about the other roles?

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